Prompt Generator Master List

Spinning Spinny Thing – Link

This is a single generator with a massive number of options.  Limit your prompt to specific, pre-existing universes, include existing characters, objects, emotions, trigger warnings, genres and a whole lot more!  This generator also allows you to create a permalink to your prompt, allowing you to share it with others.

Seventh Sanctum – Link

A massive database of generators.  Create plots, story elements, creature designs from unique half-breeds to intricately described dragons, character and place names, systems of magic, mechas, and loads more.  Each category of generator has a whole page of things to play with. – Link

This website has loads of different prompt generators sorted into categories.  Use prompts to design characters, create plots, costumes, settings, anything you might need to create a story.  The plot generators are incredibly varied, with random generators, genre-specific random generators, fairy-tale generators, creepypasta generators… and more!

Age of Fable – Link

This is a simple, single page prompt generator that lets you narrow the prompts by genre, and will produce any number of single-sentence story prompts for you to work from.  Simple, to the point and provides a nice, structured prompt.

TV Tropes – Link

TV Tropes generator provides links to random tropes to use as plot, setting, narrative device etc.  It’s a fun and somewhat different approach to prompt generators, leaving you with a lot of creative freedom.  Great for people looking for a writing challenge more than a cure for writer’s block.

Fiction Generator – Link

A simple, single-button generator that produces individual, details prompts, along with a title for the work.  Quite fun, and with a lot of variety in the sort of prompts that generate.  Titles and story prompts have a dstinctly steampunk feel to them, although they blend magic, technology, time travel and settings from throughout history.

Chaotic Shiny – Link

Another huge website with dozens of generators, from arc generators, plot generators, name, item, location… you could build a plot and an entire universe to go with it from here.



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