About The Scribe

Writer’s block is a terrible thing.  Every year I try to do NaNo and every year I fail.  Every year I’ll start 3-4 novels only to abandon them because writing feels SO HARD.  Not this year.  People who run marathons train for months beforehand to strengthen their legs, increase their endurance and fitness.  NaNo is just a marathon for writers, so I’m in training.

So, here’s how it works.

One prompt at a time.  Prompt to be completed in a single session of writing.  Prompt to be posted as a single, rough, unedited first draft. Prompt exercise can be anything from a piece of flash fiction to a short story.  I’ll start by trying to aim for a prompt a week, while giving myself permission to do more, and try to gradually increase that to a prompt a day.  Goal is to eventually be writing an average of 1000 words a day, still well below the NaNo target but a massive improvement on my usual output.

See the links to the right to read my latest stories, browse the archives or search through particular genres of work.

Please note.  I retain full ownership and rights of all work published here.  If you are interested in reprinting my work online, in an ebook or hard copy, please contact me to discuss terms and rates.


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